After high-wind disasters, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, impacted communities are often littered with fallen trees and debris. Our skilled chainsaw teams work together to remove fallen trees and branches that restrict access to homes, as well as fallen trees from around properties, making it safer for residents. This is an important response activity that allows our teams to reduce risk within communities.

Chainsawing is only performed by individuals with pre-existing training, who have obtained a qualification outside of All Hands and Hearts; it is not open to all volunteers.

Health and Safety
All Hands and Hearts make the safety of the people we work for, and that work with us, a priority. We employ a risk-based approach to health and safety, which studies the possible dangers of a workplace and seeks to minimize those dangers through controls, such as usage guidelines, training, supervision and the enforcement of appropriate protective equipment. Each of our worksites have specific operational standards and risk controls to reduce the likelihood of a hazard occurring and contingency plans to reduce the severity of a hazard if it does occur.

Always check the packing list provided in your information pack, as sometimes we require you to bring items of PPE which may not be available in the region we are working.

It’s volunteers like you who shine a bright light on communities affected by natural disaster.

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