David Campbell

Co-Founder & Chairman

David was on the verge of retirement when a massive tsunami hit Thailand in 2004. Armed with donations he collected from friends and 35 years of business management leadership, David traveled to Thailand determined to help. The experience was life-changing and led David to create and lead his own nonprofit natural disaster response and rebuild organization.

He went to Thailand in 2005 immediately following the tsunami, and became one of the founders of HandsOnThailand.org – which brought over 200 Volunteers and several hundred thousand dollars to assist the rebuilding of five Phuket fishing villages. On Sept 6, 2005, David incorporated All Hands and Hearts (previously known as Hands on USA, Hands On Disaster Response and All Hands Volunteers, respectively) and brought 1,500 Volunteers to Biloxi, MS.

Since the organization’s conception in 2005, David has volunteered on dozens of post-disaster projects including Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Harvey, and Maria, , earthquakes in Haiti, The Philippines, and Nepal. The organization has earned the highest possible 4 Star Rating by Charity Navigator and a top 5 Star rating from Greatnonprofits.org and GoOverseas.com. Over the years he has maintained the philosophy of “maximum impact and minimum bureaucracy” as means for effectively and efficiently addressing the needs of communities post-disaster.

David’s past experiences included positions as a technology executive, board member, investment banker, and humanitarian field Volunteer. His 50-year business background includes positions as President of BBN Technologies of Cambridge, and CEO at public companies Computer Task Group of Buffalo and Xpedior of Chicago.

Recognitions include an honorary doctorates from Niagara University and Canisius College, , Citizen of the Year from The Buffalo News, Manhattan Institute Social Entrepreneur Award winner and winner of Encore.org 2014 Symetra Purpose Prize. He is also the author of Being There: The Creation of a Cool, Happy, and Surprisingly Effective Disaster Response Organization (2014) and All Hands: The Evolution of a Volunteer Powered Disaster Response (2015).

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