Philippe Kjellgren

Founder, PKs List

Philippe Kjellgren, or ‘PK’ as we call him (because nobody can pronounce his last name!), is one of the world’s most connected travel personalities and author of seven travel books. PK is also the original founder of well-known luxury travel sites Kiwi Collection and the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection. His experience spans 20 years with travel to over 130 countries, and boasts personal relationships with owners and management teams at over 3,000 of the worlds best hotels regardless of their size or brand affiliation. PK has done the hard work already – he’s gallivanted the world to scout the greatest places on earth (and those that claim to be great, but are not). Wherever a guest is heading, PK knows a place worth staying that suits their personality, the occasion, and their expectations… He most likely knows the people that own and run the hotel too.

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