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Updated: May 13, 2021

What are cookies?
We use cookies to improve the functionality and understand the usage of our website. A cookie is a small text file that our website saves to your device in order to collect and remember certain information. This information might be about you, your preferences, your device, but it generally does not directly identify who you are.

Different types of cookies have different purposes. We use several types of cookies for a variety of purposes as described below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies
These cookies are required for our website to function correctly, and cannot be turned off. We use a Strictly Necessary cookie associated with Cloudflare in order to load our web page quickly and securely. We also use Strictly Necessary cookies to record your cookie preferences, where applicable. These cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information.

Performance Cookies
These cookies allow us to record how many people are visiting our website, and which pages they visit. They also provide information about how long it takes the pages to load. We use several Performance cookies to store information in our Google Analytics account. This information shows us the popularity and performance of each of our pages. We also use it to see how our visitors find us, and to know if our advertising campaigns are successful. This information is collected anonymously and helps us to run our disaster relief programs more efficiently. Blocking these cookies will not impact the functionality of the website. You may also use Google’s Browser Add-on to opt out of all Google Analytics activity.

Functional Cookies
These cookies improve your user experience when interacting with our website. The website will still function correctly overall if they are turned off, but some elements may not work as designed. Currently, we use one functional cookie, which remembers if you have closed a banner emphasizing one of our programs. If this cookie is disabled, the banner will display every time the website loads or refreshes a page.

Targeting Cookies
These cookies build a profile of your interests from all of the websites you visit on the Internet. They are set through our site by our advertising and social media partners, such as Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube, and others. They are used by those partners to deliver advertisements that are more relevant to you. For example, they can deliver our advertisements to a specific group of people whose behavior shows they might be interested in disaster relief. They may also deliver advertisements for other companies based on your browsing behavior on our website. These cookies don’t directly store personal information, but they may collect enough information to uniquely identify you. Blocking these cookies will not impact the functionality of the website. You may use the Ad Settings in your Google Account, or Google’s Browser Add-on, to opt out of cookies used for Google Ads delivery.

Cross-Device Cookies
These cookies allow us to see details about how you as an individual use our website, so that we can make informed decisions about how to best engage with you, and how to attract more volunteers and donors to support our work. The information collected by these cookies will NOT remain anonymous, as it is combined with other (non-sensitive) data that you provide us while submitting a donation or volunteer application. This information will remain strictly confidential, and will not be shared, sold, or traded with anyone outside of our organization, nor will it be used to provided targeted advertising.

Third-Party Cookies
Our website may embed or direct you to content provided by other websites that we partner with. These websites provide functionality such as donation processing, video storage, blogs, connections to social media, and networking with other volunteers. We can’t fully control the placement of cookies from these other websites, which have their own cookie policies and settings.

Your Cookie Settings
You can use your browser settings to instruct your browser to allow or deny websites to set different types of cookies. This could cause Strictly Necessary cookies to be blocked, which would stop the website from functioning correctly. However, blocking third-party cookies and/or tracking cookies should never impact the core website functionality. You may also use Google’s Browser Add-on to opt out of all Google Analytics activity.

You can also use your browser settings to delete cookies at any time. This will not stop cookies from being saved again in the future, but Performance and Advertising cookies will not be able to recognize you from your previous visits, or build a profile of your behavior across different browsing sessions.

For Users in the European Union
If your IP address indicates you are located in the European Union, Targeting Cookies and Cross-Device Cookies will be disabled by default. Strictly Necessary Cookies will be enabled out of necessity for the website to function correctly. Performance Cookies and Functional Cookies will be enabled by default, since we have ensured that all usages are in our legitimate interests, per the GDPR. However, we will respect your choice to turn on the “Do Not Track” signal in your browser by automatically disabling Performance Cookies. You can use our Preference Center to change your cookie settings at any time, except that Strictly Necessary Cookies cannot be turned off. If you turn off Performance cookies, or disable Monitoring Cookies after previously enabling them, future analytics data will not be collected, but any information that has already been saved will not be deleted. If you would like to request the erasure of analytics data or monitoring data that has already been collected, you may contact us by email at [email protected].

Contact Us
If you have any questions, please contact us by email at [email protected].

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