Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Update
What COVID-19 safety measures are you implementing on program?
Please review our COVID-19 Safety page to learn about the new operational standards we’re implementing on program to safeguard our community and help you have a safe and healthy volunteer experience. The page features COVID-19 specific FAQs.
Applying to Volunteer
How do I apply to volunteer?
In response to COVID-19, we have set up DM12, a specific initiative to meet our commitments to communities impacted by disasters. DM12 is a 12-week service commitment built on our 15 years of disaster relief experience, enabling us to safely restart volunteer operations in 2020. The group structure, with participants arriving/departing program and working on the same 12-week schedule, reduces potential exposure points to COVID-19. This initiative will replace our regular volunteer application and acceptance process until we are safely and effectively able to mobilize and engage volunteers on an individual basis. Learn More
Ways to give
Can I give monthly?
Yes! Monthly donations help us to plan for the future. In a world where disasters are unfortunately increasingly common, recurring funding enables us to assess more communities impacted by severe weather and to commit more resources to help them onto the long road to recovery.
Will I get a receipt?
A donation receipt will be sent to you at the email address you provide on this form. Please be sure to keep a copy of your receipt for tax purposes. If you select a recurring donation, you will be sent an individual receipt each month when your donation is processed.
Is this donation tax deductible?
Yes. All Hands and Hearts is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law. To claim a donation as a deduction on your U.S. taxes, please keep your email donation receipt as your official record. We'll send it to you upon successful completion of your donation.
Want to wire funds from a US bank?
Please contact our development team
Want to wire funds but live outside the US?
Please contact our development team
Want to make a stock donation?
Please contact our Finance Manager, development team for details regarding stock transfers.
Can I mail in a check donation?
Absolutely! Please mail check donations to All Hands and Hearts Smart Response ATTN: Engagement Department 6 County Road, STE 6 Mattapoisett, MA 02739
When are the donations from my fundraiser due?
We encourage All Hands and Hearts sponsors to send in their donations as soon as they are collected, but donations should be sent no later than 30 days from the time your fundraiser has ended. Please use our Mail-In Donation form.
Can I accept the bulk of the donations and write All Hands and Hearts one check?
Checks should be made out to All Hands and Hearts Smart Response, Inc., with “Your Fundraiser Name” written in the memo line. If the check is from your account, you, and not your donors, will receive a tax receipt from All Hands and Hearts.
Hosting an event
Where can I find photos, videos and other materials to use for my event?
Please refer to the Events Toolkit that includes several approved assets for your use. If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected]
Online fundraising
When I create a fundraising page, is my information or my donors’ information shared with anyone?
When you create a personal fundraising page, your registration information is shared with All Hands and Hearts. All Hands and Hearts will also have access to the information of people who make donations through your page (unless they donate anonymously).
How do I receive a refund for my donation?
If you made a donation by accident, or accidentally donated multiple times and would like a refund, please contact us directly at [email protected]
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