Building Disaster Resilient Communities, Together

We partner with like-minded corporations, foundations and organizations to help communities recover faster and stronger after natural disasters. We value strategic conversations to determine how we can collaborate to scale our impact, and we welcome support in many shapes and sizes. Our partners have helped to support our efforts through financial contributions, hands-on and skills-based volunteering, in-kind products and services and other unique initiatives.

We are humbled to work with such committed partners. If you’d like to partner with us, click on the links below to learn more.

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Corporate support helps ensure we are prepared to respond the moment disaster strikes, as well as ensuring the communities with the greatest needs are still being served, even after public attention and the media have moved on. Through corporate grants, employee engagement, gifts in-kind and custom partnerships, our corporate partners help us maximize our impact in every area we work.

We strategically partner with like-minded corporations to scale our impact for communities affected by natural disasters. We welcome support in many shapes and sizes.

  • FINANCIAL SUPPORT  Monetary contributions, including corporate grants, matching gifts, office and employee fundraisers and volunteer grants, enable us to serve our mission.
  • VOLUNTEER POWER  We welcome employees, clients or customers of our partners to join us on program to get their hands dirty and to see, firsthand, what our work looks like and the impact of their company’s support.
  • IN-KIND PRODUCTS AND SERVICES  Gifts in-kind contribute to the sustainability of our programs and our ability to keep operational costs down, so we can focus more on meeting critical community needs.
  • SKILLS-BASED SUPPORT  Sharing special knowledge and expertise, in person or virtually, helps to increase efficiency and ensure best practices in the field and behind the scenes.
  • CO-MARKETING  Joint marketing initiatives that highlight our partnership allow us to demonstrate the value of thoughtful collaboration and engage our networks widely.
  • CUSTOM PARTNERSHIPS  We value the unique qualities of our partners and want to work together to build meaningful, strong and lasting relationships, so we can continue to support communities in the wake of natural disasters and over the long-term recovery.

We proudly and publicly recognize our dedicated partners at the appropriate giving levels, and we provide extensive reporting on the projects our partners have supported.

Click here to learn more about how All Hands and Hearts combines strengths with corporate partners to enable direct impact on disaster-affected communities worldwide.

Become a partner today!

For more information, contact our Corporate Relations Team to discuss how we can collaborate to support communities in the wake of natural disasters and through their long-term recovery.



Foundation support is critical for All Hands and Hearts to serve our mission, holistically supporting disaster-affected communities along their journey toward recovery and resilience. We have been fortunate to receive support from foundations of all sizes: from modest family foundations to The Rockefeller Foundation. The common denominator is that these foundations have identified that our volunteer-powered work effectively helps them accomplish the impact for good that they are striving to achieve in the world.

We offer foundation partners a variety of levels of involvement:

  • Regular email updates with media content (photo/video).
  • Opportunities to volunteer on our programs (our family foundations in particular prize the ability to have their next generation deeply engaged in volunteer work).
  • Opportunities to travel and see their impact first hand; donors for school rebuild projects are invited to attend celebrations with the community.
  • Often, our foundation partners come to rely on All Hands and Hearts as a trusted source for disaster relief Information, whether the disaster strikes close to home or across the globe.
  • We offer foundation partners the chance to sit in on calls or live streams from the field.
  • And, because our work spans the globe and aligns with UN Sustainable Development Goals, we welcome inquiries about specific foundation-driven initiatives that have the potential to scale or deepen our program work. For example renewal projects.

We offer an experienced professional foundations team, dedicated to providing customized attention to the requirements of each of our foundation partners:

  • Commitment to submitting accurate and detailed proposals and applications.
  • Timely and thorough reporting, responsive to donor requirements.
  • Transparency and accountability in financial reporting. For seven years in a row, All Hands and Hearts has received a top four-star rating from Charity Navigator. This recognition attests to our operational efficiency and financial stewardship.

“While mammoth international aid groups are needed to broadcast relief supplies after disasters, All Hands and Hearts  mobilizes local community members working hand-in-hand with global volunteers to rebuild in places the media will never see and big aid dollars will never touch. I marveled at the organization’s dedication in Haiti, watching it rebuild 20 schools at the epicenter of its earthquake – while training and employing Haitians in construction.

In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy , I relished up-close stories from my foster son Danny, who labored with All Hands in the frigid cold, rebuilding homes on Staten Island. His team worked with those too poor for insurance and too elderly to rebuild by themselves.

In the worst of times, and the most fragile of places, All Hands and Hearts offers teamwork.  Not charity.

Karen Keating Ansara, Ansara Family Fund

Together, we can make a difference!

For more information, reach out to our Foundations Team today:

Rachel Deery, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations

[email protected] | 1.508.728.7375

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-Governmental Organizations

At All Hands and Hearts, we believe our success is in large part due to the fact that we prioritize collaboration with local, US and international non-profit partners and agencies. Collaboration maximizes scarce resources in disaster zones, which means more people can be reached.

In international contexts, collaboration with grassroots partners ensures we do a better job of designing interventions that are relevant to community needs, are culturally appropriate, and are in compliance with government laws, regulations and community standards. These partnerships contribute to the sustainability of our work, as our in-country partners are encouraged and supported to continue and evolve initiatives for: resilient construction, maintenance of schools, and training on hygiene, educational technology or disaster risk reduction, which serve to build resilience among impacted communities after we’ve left the country.

Every NGO partnership is unique. Here are a few examples:

National and international partnerships

  • National Organizations Active in Disasters (NVOAD) – As an award-winning member of NVOAD we frequently coordinate with other national and state VOADs like Team Rubicon, Samaritan’s Purse, and United Methodist Committee on Relief, as well as the Long Term Recovery Groups formed by local stakeholders in US disaster locations.
  • Good 360 – takes a holistic, long term approach to disaster recovery and we’ve been delighted to collaborate with them on a number of occasions, as well as co-founding the Resilient Response initiative with them.
  • IOM – we have partnered with IOM on a number of occasions, including home-building after Typhoon Haiyan and Hagupit in the Philippines, displacement tracking after the 2015 flooding in Malawi, and rebuilding a rehabilitation center after the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal.
  • Relief Nepal – Nepali fiscal partner that assists us in obtaining government approvals for the schools or clinics we build, and ensures our accounting compliance. Relief Nepal also carries out ongoing hygiene and disaster preparedness trainings with the communities where we work. In return, we offer financial support and mentorship on nonprofit and volunteer management.

Volunteer organization partnerships

“CAUW [Capital Area United Way, Baton Rouge, LA] partnered with All Hands and Hearts immediately following the August 2016 floods that devastated our community. During times of disaster, it is not always easy to identify which outside groups are truly committed and willing to help the community recover. Without a doubt, All Hands was a huge asset to our community and we would not have been able to rebuild as quickly and efficiently without their assistance.”
Katie Pritchett, VP, Community Impact (2018)

“My recommendation for All Hands and Hearts is anchored in both its expertise in mobilizing and directing volunteers from across the globe, as well as its intention and thoughtfulness to bring hope to every individual homeowner, many of whom could no longer see a path forward. Together, our reach and impact have been exponentially stronger. Theirs is precisely the type of organization that helps a community to truly recover.”
Cyndi Powell, Hands of Hope, Rockport, TX (2020)

“The strength of our partnership is rooted in our organizations’ shared belief that disaster relief and recovery should necessarily be led and informed by the people who live and work in disaster-affected communities.”
Donna Callejon, GlobalGiving (2020)

Together, we can make a difference.

For more information, contact our partnerships team to discuss how we can collaborate to support communities in the wake of natural disasters and through their long-term recovery.