Announcing Key Leadership Changes

Responding to the Crisis in Ukraine

Updates on our relief efforts

What I’ve Learned from 16 Years of Disaster Relief Volunteering

Angelica's Volunteer Story

The Story of a Woman in Leadership, Helping Others Write Their Own Story

Celebrating the Power of Nepalese Female Masons

Cryptocurrency & Philanthropy: A New Wave in Charitable Giving

Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts as a Volunteer and Donor

An alumni story

Education is Hope

How our Education for All Fund gets students back to school safely

Wellbeing for Our Community

Written by our Director of Wellbeing, Dora Rebelo

Transformative Travel: Insights from a Changemaker

A Welcome Message from Our New CEO, Perry Maddox

Welcoming Our New Chief Executive Officer, Perry Maddox

Serving Others Keeps Me Young

How one retired volunteer continues to give back

DEI Matters

Written by our Chief of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mental Health Awareness Month

Attend Our May Virtual Events

Celebrating Global Volunteer Month: Meet Maria Romero

Disaster Relief During a Pandemic: Why now is more critical than ever

Corporate Social Responsibility: How NGO Partnership Inspires Your Team

Our Commitment and Disaster Relief Impact

Tips and Tricks for an Ethical Volunteer Abroad Experience

Donate to Disaster Relief and Save on 2020 Taxes

I can’t think of any place I’d rather spend this day

Veteran Volunteer Story

Getting Ready: Top 10 Disaster Relief Volunteer Training Courses

Written by Julia Schemmer

Why volunteer? Life lessons from disaster relief work

Laying the Foundation for Effective Disaster Relief Volunteers

Hurricane Preparedness

Take Action to Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

From Disaster to Renewal

Safety 360

How My Volunteer Experience Led To My Dream Career

Our COVID-19 Response

Meeting Our Commitments

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, Together!

COVID-19 Impact on Our Organization

What we all can do to slow the spread of COVID-19

Urgent COVID-19 Update

Volunteer Fundraising

Every Volunteer Does Their Part

20 Reasons to Volunteer in 2020

Make a difference in the world by becoming a disaster-relief volunteer

Home for the Holidays

Coming together as a community in Puerto Rico

The Art of Recovery

Boys & Girls Club of Bay County

Roof Rebuild

Meet the First Team to work on Adalberto Moctezuma’s home in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico.

Living in Service

Love for our Veterans

Salesforce Esau Sanchez-Diaz

Volunteering Experience

Empowering Nepali Women Through Skills Training

Don’t Sing It; Bring It.

The Ability to Overcome Bystander Effect

What I learned from my AHAH Volunteering Experience to help me land my first job

Six Volunteers

One All Hands and Hearts family

Like Father, Like Son

How two masons rebuilt on behalf of their community.

Nepal Earthquake Relief

The Power of Community and Volunteers


A conversation with Russell Hudson

Music and Karate at the Dojo

How Jason Jordan prepares youth for opportunity

A Shared Connection

A story about the extensive connections and impacts that the All Hands and Hearts community creates.


Father. Grandfather. Husband. Retired Oil Worker. Meet Dan Martin.

Ready to Go. No Questions

The One Who has an All Hands and Hearts Gear Section in her closet.

Keep the Daycare Open

Rebuilding a Roof in One Week

Site Supervisor Empowering Others


Growth and Comfort Do Not Co-Exist

Hitchhiking Across Hawaii for All Hands and Hearts

The Seeds We Plant

More Than a School

How a School Serves its Community as a Hurricane Shelter


A Traditional Mexican Lunch with the Community

Run Toward the Cause

Why I'm running the NYC Half Marathon

How We Define Love

Our Volunteers and their definitions of Love in Action

“I’m No Carpenter”

How one volunteer learned new skills and is making an impact in South Texas.

Thoughts From Around the World

Disaster, Community, and Dissertation

The story of one college student’s experience on program

Indonesia Update

With a Little Help From Our Friends

With a Little Help From Our Friends

You’ll Find a Family and a Home

You'll Find a Family and a Home

The Deleon Family

The Deleon Family

101ST House

Carolann's Story

Love City

Thank you, St. John

…And Then She Got A Call

Leading Assessments from Katrina to Michael

Sunbeam Preschool

"You have to be strong for them."

Life Is A Treasure

Digging in with Max Sipple

Space To Move Forward

Clearing a Path for the Rogers Family to Rebuild

Roofing in Dominica

How Volunteers Help Survivors Recover From Hurricane Maria

Life Changing Career

From Volunteer to Staff Member

Puerto Rico “Se Levanta”

Puerto Rico's Ongoing Response and Recovery

A Safe Place

How Disaster Relief and Education Go Hand-in-Hand

My Brother’s Workshop

Our Local Partner Picks Up The Pieces

Road To Recovery

Meet Joanie Marshall

Becoming A Family

Sixth Grade Graduation at Narciso Mendoza

Defining Strength

How Mother and Daughter Find Relief in Service

Ten Months Later

Pam's Journey to Recovery

The Natures Isle

Dominica's Beauty and Recovery

Reclaiming Education In Tortola

“We Are Thankful, and Are Blessed to Have Had Them.”

See You On The Next One

One Volunteer's Story of Discovery and Change

Category 10

Four Personal Stories From the Aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Teaching Life

How a 7.1 Magnitude Earthquake Couldn't Stop the Teachers of Morelos, Mexico

Her World Is Back

Finding normal after Hurricane Harvey

Blessings From Paradise

A Personal Story of Recovery From St. John

The Story of Yapatera

Life in a Fertile Land With Ancient Roots

The Spirit Of The Community

Fabiola on Life in Yapatera, Peru

Dancing Is Universal

Sandra Reflects on Her Time Volunteering in Peru

Puerto Rico Rises

Three Generations of Women on Life Beyond Maria

A Dry Home

Our First Roofing Project in Barranquitas, Puerto Rico