Brazil Flood Relief

May 2024 – September 2024
Last updated: July 2024

AHAH is responding to severe flooding in South Brazil, marking our first relief effort in the country. The floods severely affected Rio Grande do Sul, displacing nearly 600,000 people and damaging critical infrastructure. We aim to provide immediate relief assisting with mud removal and cleanup, and collaborate with local organizations for effective volunteer coordination and essential supplies distribution.

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Our Work

All Hands and Hearts (AHAH) acted swiftly in response to the devastating flooding in South Brazil. Our Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) was on the ground within a week, marking our first relief effort in the country. AHAH aims to provide relief to individuals and families grappling with the flood’s aftermath, taking immediate action to assist with the extensive need for mud removal and other cleanup efforts. In collaboration with local organizations, we aim to maximize our impact in the region and support volunteer coordination and distribution activities to ensure efficient, effective relief efforts.

Current Activities

Our volunteer program officially opened on June 3, initially welcoming ten volunteers, which will increase to 20 next month with the program’s official extension until the end of September. The team has been hard at work supporting the Central Voluntária de Distribuição (CVD) with the preparation of over 20,000 meals, as well as sorting donated items for distribution to individuals and families displaced or beginning to return to their homes. Additionally, we have been mucking, gutting and sanitizing houses affected by the floods. AHAH is actively working with local partners to explore the different ways we can support the communities of Rio Grande do Sul in their flood recovery.

Disaster Profile

Since unprecedented rainfall began on April 29, severe flooding has affected South Brazil and parts of Uruguay, leaving 46 of 96 neighborhoods in Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, still submerged. The disastrous flooding has resulted in 169 casualties, displaced nearly 600,000 people and affected over two million inhabitants, marking Brazil’s worst flooding in over 80 years. Of those displaced, 80,000 are currently living in temporary shelters. Infrastructure, including many roads and bridges, has been heavily damaged, making access to Porto Alegre unpredictable.

Lives Impacted
Rebuilds and Repairs
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Acres Cleared

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