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Disaster Profile

In May 2019, a devastating storm system swept through southern and central U.S. causing rivers to rise dramatically and prompting evacuations in Oklahoma and Arkansas. The town of Sand Springs, a western suburb of Tulsa, received some of the greatest residential flooding along the Arkansas River between May 22nd and May 31st. As a result, the communities of Meadow Valley and Town and Country, within Sand Springs, were inundated by flood waters. Between both areas, an estimated 200-250 properties have been inundated with 1-5 feet of water. Homes in the 100-year floodplain and floodway experienced major damage, while homes within the 500-year flood plain experienced some damage.

Our Work

By strategically positioning ourselves in Missouri, our Disaster Assessment Response Team was able to begin assessments and work within 48 hours of the water receding. With little relief in the communities, we immediately engaged our DART volunteers to support mucking and gutting work as we set up a response program.

Over a 27 day period, we completed 25 sites and assisted 53 residents. On those sites, 42 jobs were completed, including 18 Muck and Guts, 22 Sanitations and 2 Debris Removals. Additionally, 15 post-sanitation assessments were completed.

Thanks to the care of our dedicated volunteers and staff, we were able to assist families and leave a positive impact on the Sand Springs community.

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