Nicolette Koeman

Executive Director, AHAH - Mexico

Nicolette Koeman joined the All Hands and Hearts family in the fall of 2019 when she took on the role of Executive Director of All Hands and Hearts Mexico – a local partner organization that operates under an independent legal and fiscal framework. She describes her role as being an ambassador to promote project development in Mexican communities, and is always on the lookout to connect the dots that allow the organization to positively impact the lives of children, families and entire communities.

In her previous role, Nicolette served as the Executive Director of Happy Hearts Mexico – a non-profit organization that rebuilt safe, resilient schools in areas impacted by natural disasters. Shortly after the earthquakes that took place in September 2017, Nicolette had the opportunity to travel to the villages that were destroyed by the force of nature and soon learned that everyone can make a difference; each and every one of us has a skill or a talent that can benefit people who have lost everything. Often, when we donate our time and energy, we learn we receive more than we give!

Nicolette was born and raised in the Netherlands. She holds Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Amsterdam. In 2017 she successfully completed the Master of Business Administration program of the Universidad Anáhuac in Mexico City.

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