Volunteer Profile: Roger in BVI

“Don’t let age deter your involvement”

Full video transcript below:
Hi, my name is Roger Koch I’m from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and next month I will be 77 years old. One of my interests with coming over to Tortola was the fact that they that we’re working with schools over here. My wife is a retired second-grade teacher my daughter is a high school English teacher and wanted to support the educational effort and that’s what All Hands and Hearts is doing here.

The highlights for me particularly are the ability for me to use my past experiences to help some of these younger kids, and I don’t mean kids, we’re talking about 20 plus-year-olds and it’s enjoyable to pass on some of my knowledge to them so that we can all work efficiently.

Communal living is a new experience for me, and it is not at all the hindrance that I thought it would be. Sure some people snore, some people moan and groan but we’re getting along great. We have wonderful food prepared by everybody. Yeah, I couldn’t be happier. This is a wonderful adventure, and in the process, we’re helping the people all over the world.

This is unbelievable. We talked to the different volunteers: the Englishman, the Aussies, the Spanish, the Colombian people that are partners with us here working, and by partners I mean they’re working side by side with us. It’s something that you can’t hear again, you can’t get sitting home in an easy-chair, watching TV. If you want to give, this is the place to give.

Don’t let age deter your involvement. Whether you be, what- 20 years old, or whether you be 70 years old, go for it.

Learn more about this program: British Virgin Islands Hurricane Relief

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Learn more about this program: British Virgin Islands Hurricane Relief

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