Jess Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

Jess’s All Hands and Hearts journey began way back in 2009 as a volunteer. After a couple of years of both volunteering and working on programs in Indonesia, Haiti, Japan and the Philippines, she settled into life in midwestern United States . Soon after, she began work building the new Volunteer Coordination Department and later went on to head International Recovery Operations.

Traveling back and forth to Nepal with a baby turned out to be quite the adventure, so she transitioned over to U.S. Recovery Operations and spent a very busy couple of years supporting teams across the southern United States and the Caribbean. After a couple of years heading the People Development Department, she stepped into the Chief Executive Officer position in April of 2022. Through Jess’s experience supporting in different capacities over the years, she has gained deep knowledge of the organization, making her an incredible and well rounded CEO that can jump in to help where needed and provide overarching strategies to drive organizational success.

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