Home Builds

Home build programs aim to provide a safe living environment for homeowners that have been impacted by disaster. Our team of staff and volunteers may undertake a series of activities which help ensure homeowners are able to return to their residences as timeously as possible. Activities often include:

Roof Tarping is the installation of plastic roof tarps and is a temporary step immediately after the disaster, intended to reduce further water damage in a structure. The tarp is stretched across the damaged area and firmly secured in place so wind and rain cannot get under the tarping plastic.

Repairing and Rebuilding / Reconstructing Roofs is often one of the greatest needs after storms. Our volunteers work to repair, replace or rebuild damaged roofs utilizing materials and construction techniques that help ensure the structure is more resilient to future disasters. We typically work on sloped Corrugated Galvanized Iron (CGI) roofs or flat concrete roofs.

Repairing Homes sees volunteers carrying out activities, following resiliency guidelines, that may include installing drywall, insulation, painting, flooring interior and exterior doors, window trims, electrical outlet covers, lighting fixtures, plumbing and more. The aim of this work is to provide homeowners with a suitable and dignified place to live. Prior to starting repair work, our volunteer and staff teams will first determine whether mold is present in the structure and if the team will need to perform a Muck and Gut and Mold Sanitation of the structure.

Home builds allow us to support communities in a tangible way, by ensuring they have a safe place to live.

Health and Safety
All Hands and Hearts make the safety of the people we work for, and that work with us, a priority. We employ a risk-based approach to health and safety, which studies the possible dangers of a workplace and seeks to minimize those dangers through controls, such as usage guidelines, training, supervision and the enforcement of appropriate protective equipment. Each of our worksites have specific operational standards and risk controls to reduce the likelihood of a hazard occurring and contingency plans to reduce the severity of a hazard if it does occur.

It’s volunteers like you who shine a bright light on communities affected by natural disaster.

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